Body as Soil; Body as Terroir

Technological metaphors are commonly used to describe the universe and the human body, for instance: body as machine and mind as computer. The use of metaphor frames how individuals think.  With constant use metaphors become internalized, invisible, embedded in thought as they move from a useful mental exercise to a rigid belief or truth about the world. The overuse of metaphor can result in tunnel vision, inappropriate application and polarization. For those situations, an additional metaphor might prove useful: consideration of the human body as soil, as terroir. This metaphor assumes all experiences, influences, knowledge, situational dynamics; physical, emotional and mental engagements somehow affect, embed or plant themselves in the human body. The metaphor of body as soil, as terroir requires one to reframe/reconsider individual and group beliefs, human experience, and consciousness in a different way. By reevaluating a life, a conflict, a way of thinking using the metaphor of terroir offers a rich, diverse environment in which to consider pruning, uprooting, mitigating, planting anew, or nurturing that which is neglected in a personal life. By understanding personal terroir, the location, the experiential climates entered or chosen, it become clearer how those affect the ability of someone to produce (or not) the desired fruits or outcomes they seek. Body as soil, as terroir has useful application for Jungian practitioners as they consider the psychological issues confronted in daily life. In addition, for Gebserian scholars the metaphor offers insight about how the efficient magic and mythic might mitigate aspects of the deficient present in living a modern life. 

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