For Integral Consciousness, Words Are Not Enough: Novel Signifiers for Expressing Wholeness

Both Gebser and Jung introduced novel terminology. Although Jung’s terms have been adopted more widely, the work of neither Jung nor Gebser has managed to alter language sufficiently to convey the psychospiritual realities that each brought to greater awareness. Consequently, in our struggles to integrate and to individuate we are hindered by language structures that remain stuck in dualism, subject-object contradistinction, and logical exclusion. Thus, our quest in this conference—to participate consciously in discerning and co-creating emerging realities—may be served by introducing not just new words but new classes of signifiers to express the gestalts of diversity-within-unity, of multiple simultaneous perspectives, of conscious and unconscious, namely, of systasis and synairesis. I will introduce a novel auxiliary metalanguage that I call perspectivals. The use of perspectivals could enhance the open process of developing what Gebser terms a “new form of statement” to express our collective wisdom and aperspectivity and to foster the birthing of integral awaring.

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