Whirling in the Shadows of America’s God

Generations now living are witnessing magnitudes of change without precedent in human experience. Nature’s surround has been supplanted by the cinemaesthetic field that pervades all scales of everyday life—both efficiently, such as in the coalescing of our conference, and deficiently, as is signaled through the newsfeeds pressing our consciousness with toxic images of psychic disorders, mass dissociations, and cyber-spectral entrapments. In this planetary environment, I will discern as best I can the whirling shadows of patriarchal evangelicalism and “America’s god.” To begin, I will briefly sketch my ancestry in the Southern Appalachians of frontier Tennessee and my 1950s upbringing in a Southern Baptist church. I will frame apocalpytic fears and defiantly self-destructive behaviors in terms of archaic trauma and archaic rage. Further still, I find the archetype of apocalypse is the archetype of the emergent self. Jung found that the process of individuation requires integrating concretely the dark numinous, that is, integrating archaic awaring. This is a necessary approach to understand how the god-image is transforming now—and is transforming us now. In the Christian aeon, our planetary emergenc(e/y) reveals an archetypal yearning for redemption, for a “supernatural re-birth” of self, leading through the time-free-ing conjunction of AlphaXOmega—or Achronon.

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