Illuminating the Lingshu—Numinous Pivot Through the Gaze of Gebser and Jung

Gebser and Jung, both Leos, sit as lions at the gate of the Lingshu—Numinous Pivot, the ancient Chinese medical text that lays out the unfolding path of etherial, psychic and spiritual healing. Compiled in the 1st century BC, it reflects the archaic, magical and mythical wisdom of the shamans, diviners, recipe masters and physicians who were the healers of the time. When coupled with the illumination of Gebser’s philosophical and Jung’s analytic insights, it becomes not only timeless, but time-free. Through the lens of their work, it reveals itself as akin to the philosopher’s stone of alchemy, the Self of Jung’s individuation process, and the systasis of Gebser’s mutational fourth dimension leap to integrality. This presentation examines and interprets a portion at the heart of the Lingshu text to reveal its fourth dimensional promise.

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