Climate Disruption, Time Irruption

We find ourselves in the midst of tremendous upheavals both in our relationships to one another and to the more than human world. In terms of our global environment, human actions since the beginning of the Industrial era have led to planetary warming at an unprecedented rate. According to the best available scientific assessments we have already committed ourselves to future climatic disruption. It is important to note that climate disruption is a symptom of our state of consciousness, which is and has been for centuries rooted in a deficient, mental structure. Thus, to answer the questions concerning where we stand and where we are going requires us to reflect on consciousness. In particular, we are required to explore time and its role in climate disruption. In this presentation, I will explore how Jean Gebser’s ideas around the ‘irruption of time’ relate to the issue of climate disruption. For our experience of this great disruption enfolds past, present and future. I will also reflect on how Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity as an ‘irruption in time’ provides a deeper awaring of why we are experiencing climate disruption and where we may be going.

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