Apparitions of the Aperspectival World: Integral Sophiology, Synchronicity & Time Freedom

We will begin by exploring the emergence of a distinct Sophiological current through the ages, tracing its development in the work and thought of a number of mystics and philosophers. Then we will turn our attention to Sophianic trends within Gebser’s work. Drawing on the writing of Valentin Tomberg and Henry Corbin, we will examine Sophianic resonances with Jung’s work on synchronicity, and trace connections to Gebser’s perspective on time freedom and parapsychology. Thus informed, we turn to an examination of Marian apparitions and UFOs: telescoping Jung’s insight through a Sophianic-Gebserian lens. Through the phenomenology of apparition, irruption and contact, a model of transparent, planetary resonance illuminating Gebser’s description of diaphaneity as a “transparency of space and time as well as light, of matter and soul as well as of life and death” (EPO 542) will be placed in a context that demonstrates the concretization of the spiritual Origin resonating and spiraling, expanding and contracting, through space and time, with implications for the individual, social, and planetary ardor necessary to invite the dawn of the Aperspectival world.

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