Planetary emergency

One the central themes of the 2019 Gebser-Jung Conference will be planetary emergency. I thought I would provide a few quotes from Jung that pertain to collective emergencies:

“… the modern ‘cultural’ mind … shows an alarming degree of dissociation and psychological confusion. We believe exclusively in consciousness and free will, and are no longer aware of the powers that control us to an infinite degree, outside the narrow domain where we can be reasonable and exercise a certain amount of free choice and self-control. In our time of general disorientation, it is necessary to know about the true state of human affairs… if we are to see things in their right perspective, we need to understand the past of man as well as his present. That is why a correct understanding of myths and symbols is of essential importance.”
CW 18, par. 559

“… the sickness of dissociation in our world is at the same time a process of recovery, or rather, the climax of a period of pregnancy which heralds the throes of birth.”
CW 10, par. 293

We see from these two quotes that Jung felt we are in a state of collective dissociation that requires an understanding of our mythic and magical past. He also argues that this dissociation often foreshadows the birth of the new. These two quotes provide a bridge between Jung’s views and those of Gebser regarding our current state of emergenc(e/y).

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Most grateful for all the energies converging now and onward unto the moments configuring at Asilomar. This will be unlike any conference I have ever participated in—our intellectual and spiritual retreat. So be it.

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